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National Council on Occupational Safety & Health Network

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) is a federation of local and statewide “COSH” groups–Committees/Coalitions on Occupational Safety and Health. COSH groups are private, non-profit coalitions of labor unions, health and technical professionals, and others interested in promoting and advocating for worker health and safety.

The first COSH group was founded in 1972. For a full listing of COSH groups long with links to their websites or to get further information about the groups on this site, click here. For a PowerPoint presentation about the National COSH Network and our mission, click here.

 If you don’t see a COSH group in your area and you think you might want to start one, click here.

The National COSH was formed to provide coordination among the COSH groups of national advocacy campaigns, sharing of educational and training materials and resources, and sharing strategies for improving workplace health and safety conditions.

The National COSH is led by an elected Board of Directors, whose members come from within member organizations. To see a list of current Board members, click here.

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