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Board of Directors


Regina Keenan– Retired, NYS Department of Health


Cody Netzband - Director, Capital North Regional Adult Education Network 


Wendy Hord - Retired, NYS United Teachers (NYSUT)


At-Large Members

Paul Collins-Hackett – Executive Director, The RED Bookshelf 

Mindy McDermott, Esq – Law Firm of Alex Dell, PLLC

Brian Pomeroy – Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA)

Paul Walker, Esq.– Fine, Olin, & Anderman, LLP

Maddie Shannon-Roberts - Assistant Council Leader and Article 18 Health and Safety Co-Chair, PEF

Geraldine Stella OSH Specialist, NYS Public Employees Federation


Executive Director

Rossana Coto-Batres, MSW

Health & Safety Program Assistant 

Angela Castrillo-Vilches

Outreach & Training Assistant 

Daniel Vaughan-Cherubin

Workers Rights Advocacy

Naw Eh Ku, MPH

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